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The First Amendment is the first section of the Bill of Rights and is often considered the most important part of the U.S Constitution because it guarantees the citizens of United States the essential personal freedoms of religion, speech, press, peaceful assembly and the freedom.
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This clauses prohibits the government to establish a state religion and then enforce it on its citizens to believe it. Without this clause, the government can force participation in this chosen religion, and then punish anyone who does not obey to the faith chosen. In the case of Snyder v. Another side of free speech involves a case which allow schools to restrict speech that is promoting illegal drug use It did not include a bill of rights and it did not include their freedoms. And so, on September 25, Congress passed the first ten amendments, which were later ratified on December 15, The Bill of Rights was created by the Founding Fathers with the intent of restricting the powers of the new national government.

The Bill of Rights, however, consists of 10 amendments. Strong Essays words 3 pages Preview. Better Essays words 7. Americans can, however, rally, protest, tweet, etcetera about disapproval. The first amendment gives the right to publish, petition, and peacefully assemble Constitution guarantees the right to say anything you want at any time you want, and not be arrested, but the first amendment does not protect all speech.

What do I mean by this. Over the years the Supreme Court has rejected an interpretation of the First Amendment that gives the right to free speech without limits. For example speech that impedes national security, justice, and personal safety is not protected by the First Amendment. If you know of limits you would probably think first of speech that presents a danger to other people or speech that is false or makes true statement misleading otherwise known as Libel and Slander Free Essays words 1.

The first amendment tells of the right of freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and freedom of press. In other words this amendment is giving people the right to voice their opinion, and physically express themselves in any form, the most popular being clothing. This right guarantees that people may say what they want to whom they want. Although many things people may say can be frowned upon and not agreed with, people can voice their opinions and can use their right for good reasons Strong Essays words 6. First Amendment Right — Freedom of the Press. According to the U.

Overall, the press holds an enormous responsibility. It is the watchdog of the community, the guarder of the government and the public. They provide an unofficial form of checks and balances on the government by informing the public on what the government is doing. Through this, they can persuade the public to view things in from one perspective or another Even though the United States is founded on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, there are various subjects that can often spark a heated debate among Americans.

Journalists could not express their opinions on the internet. For example, now 55 percent of New York Times readers, 48 percent of USA Today readers, and 54 percent of Wall Street Journal access the newspaper on the Internet Heimlich, , but if the internet has censorship, information on the newspaper on which the government had restrictions it would not be available to the reader This concept is known as Freedom of Speech and has been a topic of controversy since it originally took its first shape in the founding of the United States of America.

Prior to , and the founding of the U.

These systems included monarchies, monarch-republics, oligarchies, plutocracies, and several other forms of administration The thematic strategy usually can be satisfied through a methodology of case study, which is helpful to put in motion legal and, sometimes, philosophical stances in real-life situations. On the other hand, on regard of a framework within discuss the First Amendment, Helle points out that there are two main approaches in which legal cases can be undestood: the libertarian and the neoliberal theories She tells the person at the door to come in.

She has been sold to this man for the night, to do whatever he commands. He tells her what he wants and begins to unbuckle his belt. After a while everything is quiet, except the rustling of clothes being put on. The woman lies on the bed in shame as the man dresses and throws a wad of cash towards the young woman. In another place is a studio. In the studio a woman is sitting on a bed; she is nervous and desperate As this concerns books, people should have the freedom to choose what they want to read and what they don't want to read.

By banning books, our basic rights as US citizens are abused.

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Book banning affects many different people, from the people who read books to the people who write them. Why do people ban or try to ban books. Most people ban books with the best intentions; they want to protect others from different ideas and information. Adults often do this because they feel that the book is frightening or has controversial ideas This is true in the case of several major cases where Wikilinks has gained information and then released it to the public.

Even though there are similarities between the two, both cases highlight and bring into question national security and first amendment rights The first and the most significant of the amendments to our Constitution is the First Amendment.

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Good Essays words 3. The Constitution claims that "the people" shape their own government. Who are "the people"to which this document refers. Americans have long struggled with defining "the people". Blacks, women, and homosexuals all deal with this issue, b ut today youth emerge as a challenged group. Students are often a censored body, thus not enjoying protection under the First Amendment. Schools profess they are protecting the rights of the majority, but in actuality, they are violating the rights of the individual through the denial of their First Amendment rights Freedom to speak, freedom to choose, freedom to worship, and freedom to do just about anything you want within the law.

The reason the United States of America came to exist was because the colonists fled Great Britain to get back the freedoms that were taken away from them by the Monarchy.

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In countries where Monarchies and Dictatorships rule, there is little if any freedom to speak of Recently, student journalists have been heavily censored due to the Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier Supreme Court decision. One of the major consequences of this decision was that since the Supreme Court felt that the First Amendment, stating that, "Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech or of the press," Amendment I, A6 , was no longer sufficient to protect student journalists, the states would have to figure out a solution themselves Foerstel The first and inargueably the most significant of the amendments to our Constitution is the First Amendment.

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  • The amendment that established our freedoms as citizens of our new confederation. The First Amendment insured, among other things, freedom of speech and of the press At various times many states passed laws in contradiction to the freedoms guaranteed in the 1st Amendment. However broadcast has always been considered a special exemption to free speech laws for two reasons. Because radio and TV come into the house, and may be heard or seen by unsupervised children, the government feels a special responsibility to protect the American people Without free speech, we the people of the United States would not be able to speak openly and freely about issues that affect our everyday life.

    Had it not been for Katie Stanton and Susan B. Anthony exercising their first amendment right to free speech and peaceful assembly, and the press covering and catching the women's suffrage movement it is possible that women may not have gained the legal right to vote until many years later I refer to the Flag Desecration Bill that, if passed, would do irreparable damage to our right to free speech and undermine the very priniciples for which the American flag stands.

    Fortunately, West Virginians have an ally in Sen. Robert C. Byrd, who previously favored the bill, now fights to protect our rights by stopping the passage of this bill. I applaud his stand and want to reinforce his position Term Papers words 6 pages Preview. The first thing would come to most people's mind is eighteen.

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    However, upon examination, someone could easily justify that a sixteen year old who is in his or her second year of college would have the ability to form an opinion and should be allowed to express it. What makes this student different from another student who, at sixteen, drops out of school and gets a job, or a student who decides to wear a shirt that says "PRO-CHOICE" on it Strong Essays words 4.

    The first amendment of the Bill of Rights states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the establishment thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech; or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances Free Essays words 3.

    The first X amendments to the constitution were known as the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment was written by James Madison because the American people were demanding a guarantee of their freedom. Powerful Essays words 5. Despite the fact that it was written and signed many years ago, the American people and their leaders still have faith in the Constitution.

    One of the major statements of the Constitution is the First Amendment, freedom of speech.

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    Although it is difficult to decide what is offensive and what is not, it is clear to see that songs of rape, violence, bigotry, and songs containing four letter words are completely unnecessary for susceptible minds to acknowledge The First Amendment states "Congress shall make no law.

    One of the ways the American people use this freedom of speech and expression is through the creation of the art form known as music. Music's verbal expression bonds our society through our emotions and experiences What many fail to recognize is the fact that the youth today are also dealing with freedom of speech and expression issues in their own lives.

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    The freedom of speech and expression issues that young people deal with are just as important and are handled in the same manner as any other freedom of speech issue. Three articles from The Associated Press deal with freedom of speech and expression of middle and high school aged young people Without the first amendment many ideas, beliefs, and groups could not exist today.

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    The first amendment guaranteed the people of the United States the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and freedom of petition. Although the first amendment guarantees us, Americans the freedom of speech, we cannot use it to cause others harm. This amendment has helped shaped Americans into what we are today, because of our right to assemble, speak freely, and worship as we please Glik v. Cunniffe, F. Whether students are arrested for protesting the Vietnam War or getting expelled for using racial slurs, it all boils down to one common argument: the constitutional rights we have as American citizens according to the First Amendment.

    The First Amendment protects freedom of speech without prosecution, but some consider it a grey area. One major question that faces college campuses is, is it possible to create speech codes limiting the spread of offensive discourse that do not violate the First Amendment Same-sex marriage is already legalized ordinarily by the Supreme Court. Legalization same-sex marriage is proven by the Supreme Court, the highest court in the United States. Asserting the rights to hate LGBTs is same with ignoring human rights.

    Religion cannot be the absolute answer even the religious roles ethical standards of society Students and student groups in public colleges and universities enjoy full protection under the First Amendment; however, this right depends greatly on the context in which a student might raise a free speech claim.

    Once an institution creates a limited public forum for a student or group, administration cannot deny recognition to particular student or groups based on viewpoints So says The Political Research Database. They have a "very rough draft" of a proposed 28th Amendment that they claim will go "above and beyond the 1st Amendment…with specific language leaving little to no room for incorrect interpretations. The first section is titled "Repeal and Reenactment. There would be no abridgment of the freedom of speech or the press, and people could still peaceably assemble with five "exceptions," including no firearms or weapons -- except for pocket knives -- and peopl This includes anything from flag burning to not saluting the flag to practicing religion in school.

    The main point of this paper is to focus on the fact that schools have a greater ability to restrict speech than government. Research Question Does government or school districts have the greater ability to restrict free speech Food and Drug Administration FDA may be forced to loosen its restrictions on how pharmaceutical companies promote unapproved uses of approved medications. Better Essays words 4 pages Preview.

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    Banned books are books that have been censored by an authority — a government, a library, or a school system. Banning a book means having it removed from our libraries and school systems. They say that books are ban to protect people — mostly children — from the difficult ideas and information that are written in them. It seems to be that most of these ideas are too frightening or controversial for others to have to endure The Commission for Landmark Preservation in New York approved the construction of the Islamic center just two blocks away from the site of the World Trade Center because the two buildings torn apart to give way for the construction of the Islamic center were not very distinctive landmarks in Manhattan Aljazeera As humans, we all face adversities that mold the way we carry out decisions and have an impact on the way we make decisions and view situations.

    American citizens have the right to vote for our leaders, and it is vital to exercise this freedom. The First Amendment constitutes our freedom of speech, but if not properly exercise our right to vote, how can we justify protesting the outcome of policies. The president serves as an advocate for many political policies Bush, Barack Obama].