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Eligibility into this category requires both academic and professional qualifications. The required academic qualification for membership is to have a degree in mechanical engineering; having another degree will be an added advantage as it will mean that one is more skilled.

The profession qualifications include a competence that meets a required standard of experience outlined by the engineering council of UK. The council has also developed qualifications that must be met by those who register through particular industries. The career development offered by the body is to all levels of members in an attempt to improve their careers in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions. Volunteering is also open to all members of the institution on either short term or long term basis Borowick, The membership of the body has a number of categories.

On top of the categories is honorary fellow. This is a class of people whose achievements in engineering science are distinguished or people who have offered outstanding inputs to the body. After the honorary fellows is a class of individuals called fellows. These are trained engineers in the mechanical sector who are approved by the engineering council of UK and have as well been identified as chartered or incorporated engineers.

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Following the fellow category is the group known as members. The members are trained engineers from recognized institutions who in addition, have finished the duration of responsible professional practice. The members must have qualified academically and in competence and must have been approved as per the requirements of the engineering council of UK besides being chartered or incorporated engineers.

The next group is the class of associate member which is the set of engineers who have met the minimum academic requirement into the body and in addition completed or are in the process of fulfilling the competency requirement of the engineering council of UK.

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For individuals who do not undertake the charter or incorporation, they can still be accommodated in the sets of affiliate engineer or companion engineer. An affiliate engineer can be an individual undertaking a course or an individual who is participating or has invested interest in the field of engineering.

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The companion is on the other hand a person who has a recognized position in a profession that is related to mechanical engineering or an individual who has contributed valuable services to the institution or to the mechanical engineering field in general. Corporate membership into the institution on the other hand requires academic and professional competency needed by the engineering council of UK.

On top of the institute of mechanical engineers is the engineering council UK. This is the umbrella institution that oversees the profession of engineering.

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Overall, the engineering council has a record of over two hundred and thirty thousand registered engineers. The main function of the engineering council is to establish and implement both ethical and competent standards that are internationally appreciated. Its main objective is to ensure that all the stake holders in the field of engineering possess confidence in their acquired skills and experience.

The duties of the engineering council UK as explained in the year include: monitoring and provision of support for the registered engineering institutions of which the institute of mechanical engineering is part. In this aspect, the council ensures exact and correct implementation of standards and regulations laid down for the various engineering fields.

Also in the activities of the council is the developing of academic and training opportunities and mechanisms. Much of this role has been witnessed in the development learning processes like establishment of curriculum content.

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  8. The council is also on its own a member of international bodies. The professional levels in engineering are also guided by the engineering council which has got many other and diversified roles. By being a member of a professional body one gets the opportunity of developing his skills in the engineering. It also becomes possible for one to learn from professionals in the field and creating friendship with them.

    Having friends in your profession as such kind of friendship can be used to develop each other in the career. Furthermore, the engineering council ensures that the institutions as well as the individuals adhere to the internationally set standards of professional competence and ethics that govern the allocation and maintenance of these professional titles.

    The council thus ensures confidence and reliability among the individuals, by the government and even outside the geographical borders Aucoin, Mechanical engineering just like the other branches of engineering is a professional field that requires high level of competency. It requires institutions to monitor and regulate the services that are rendered by members of the discipline. The institute of mechanical engineers in conjunction with and under the guidelines of the umbrella body, the engineering council, ensures that competency and ethical values are upheld in the field of mechanical engineering.

    Its activities like seminars and workshops help the members to acquaint themselves with the developing technology in the field as well as acquiring experience and further skills. Its licensing role is also as regulatory measure to ensure that only qualified individuals are allowed to practice in the field. The distinct membership classes can as well be seen as motivations to development of individual members as it promotes a healthy competition into development in competency Megginson, Aucoin, M.

    New York, NY: Prentice. Borowick, J. Career Management and Professional Development for the Engineer. Megginson, D. Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. New York, NY: Cengage. This assessment on Personal and Professional Development of Mechanical engineer was written and submitted by user AlvinMaker to help you with your own studies. Participate in vocational training useful Vocational training, including vocational skills training, vocational adaptability of self-assessment, career intentions of scientific determination and so on.

    Organization and Social Environment. Career Opportunity Assessment. Career opportunities include the assessment of longterm opportunities and short-term opportunities for assessment. Determine career goals include goals in life, long-term goals, medium-term goals and short-term goal setting, they are associated with life planning, longterm planning, medium-term planning and short-term planning correspond. First, according to personal professional, personality, temperament and values and social trends to determine their own life goals and long-term goals, and then provide detailed life goals and long-term goals, based on personal experience and organizational environment in which to develop appropriate medium-term goals and short-term goals.

    The objectives into specific programs and measures. This process is the more important action programs have career path choices, career choices, appropriate education and training plans. Assessment and feedback. Career planning assessment and feedback process is an individual constant awareness of their own process, but also the constant awareness of the social process, is to make more effective career planning a powerful tool.

    Task 3. First began to weave dreams, including you want to have, what you want, you want to be, and you want to experience. Sit down, take a piece of paper and a pen, write down your wishes hands.

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    When you write, do not control what those goals the way to go to reach, is to try to write. When do you want to accomplish?

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    There just might be called to achieve time-bound targets, no time limit can only be called a dream. Your list of goals from Select your most willing to invest, you most excited I want to try, the best way to satisfy your four things, and write them down. If you do things to know how to find a good reason, then you can do anything, because the motivation to pursue goals motivate us more than the goal itself. Check your list of four goals, whether the result of the formation of the five rules match.

    List what you already have a variety of important resources. When you make a plan, you have to know what tools to use. You have listed a list of resources, which includes its own personality, friends, possessions, educational background, time, capacity, and others. This list is more detailed the better. When you finish all this, would you please review the past, there are those who will use the resources listed in your very skillful. Write down your reasons for not immediately achieve their goals.

    First you have to start from the analysis of their personality, why hinder your progress? To achieve their goals, you have to take what approach to take?