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Last edited by jwitt25; at AM.. Fwiw, I didn't think your cover letter was "awful" and I think that was just a rude thing to say. I would suggest cutting down the middle two paragraphs into one, to get the length down. I liked that you gave a shoutout to the company's core values in the last section. For the resume, the content is pretty good, just need to cut down some word lengths and reformat to get more white space.

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Many actuary friends and recruiters basically gasped at the sight of my resume because it wasn't the standard boring format that everybody thinks you need. Yet I still got a job using it and many other interviews, including one at SAS.

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So don't feel too much pressure to conform to the "standard resume templates" around here. You've got a good flow with your writing, just make it easier on the eyes. Dr T Non-Fan. Goal here is to get the OP a job. Not to coddle. Dump any job that doesn't have something to do with actuarial work. Like dog walker, Chocolate Cafe, etc.

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It's a resume, not a job application that requires all of your employment history. As for leadership, if you were not a member of the board, drop the fraternity. Anytime you note "Denison" you don't have to note that it's in Granville just off State Route Most people reading know what those querying and programming languages do. No need to add that you do those things.

That should take up three lines: Proficiency in Your resume is supposed to convince the reader to give you an interview. Lastly, it's freaking Milliman NYC. They likely have resumes from hundreds of other candidates better than anything you could put together on a resume. They will not be interviewing hundreds of candidates. Top 10 at most.

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Meaning, you are competing against ALL of those. You might have to settle down back in Cowtown. Drop those GPA's. They are not as impressive as the other hundreds of resumes. A few points: How many jobs have you applied for? There is a lot of demand for entry level jobs, so plenty of people with good resumes and CLs still get rejected. CL: The purpose is to make someone want to read your resume.

As Westley says, don't repeat the resume itself. Also, it may stop in HR, with just the resume getting through to the actuarial department, so don't include anything relevant only in the CL, e. If looking to fill a graduate vacancy my immediate take from the resume would probably be: graduated July ; 4 jobs since then, mainly barista and dog walker; no relevant experience. And thinking: why does he now want to be an actuary? You can't change the facts.

But your CL could address some of those issues. Or whatever. If there is a good reason, perhaps also work it into your resume somehow, so it isn't lost if you get beyond the initial HR screening.

I probably wouldn't mention "as a dog walker Resume: The details for things you did 5 years ago are less important. I wouldn't mention " NB: Your real name is currently in the document properties of both Resume and CL; you might want to remove it. CL is bad because you appear to be inflating your background and making it look more content-rich than it is. This frustrates the reader, making them feel like they have wasted their time after reading it. Instead, I would use the strategy of minimalism, adding bullet points for each reason you feel you are qualified for the position and only include a sentence when you feel not including it would omit key information about you as a person.

In fact, you as a person does not come through at all in the CL, instead you appear to be quite generic which you probably aren't. I would also appear to be more enthusiastic about the position and the company. Show Printable Version. Email this Page. Search this Thread : Advanced Search. Linear Mode. Switch to Hybrid Mode.

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Recent Entries. This is the most important part of your resume, do not make me look for them. If you want to have an objective it should be one sentence long and that's it. I don't care that you are 'committed to pursuing an FSA designation and want to find a fast-paced rewarding job in the actuarial industry'. Everyone applying for this job wants that. It takes room away from your resume for displaying actual skills you can bring. I don't care about how many buzzwords you can fit in a resume, I care about what potential skills you are bringing that I may need and what experiences you had that demonstrate these skills.

Okay, that's it for now. Please keep in mind, none of these things are huge issues that will get your resume completely thrown away. If you have a good resume and enough exams, doing this stuff isn't going to disqualify you. This is just a hopefully helpful guide about some of the things you can do to help bolster an unexceptional resume when applying directly to actuarial, which I find very few people actually do. Good advice, and something that always seems to come up, so I've made it "sticky".

The Gamblor. Great thread! I'll add some more advice: 1 No grammatical errors. Read it over times. Get friends to read it over. The majority of the resumes I see have this issue dates are listed differently throughout the resume, bullet points are justified differently. Look it over times. Get friends to look it over.

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All of the "pay attention to detal" and "work well individually and as a team" is fluff and a waste of space 4 1 page. If you're an entry level candidate, there is no reason why you should have a two page resume. Think about what's important to a hiring manager, and either get rid of the rest, or really keep it to a minimum. I have held 4 full-time jobs and had 6 co-ops jobs, and my resume is one page.

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Yours should be too 5 Activities, Interests, and older stuff: Either eliminate it or keep it to the bare minimum. You don't need 4 bullet points for your "treasurer of the actuarial club" heading. No bullet points or one, if you did something exceptional works just fine since I have a good idea of what a treasurer of an actuarial club does. But something like that is good to have on your resume because it shouws that you're taking on a leadership role.