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Follow this link to get over IELTS essay questions for the topics below. video lessons and practice exercises for IELTS writing task 2: IELTS Writing Task 2.
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You should find the issues interesting and easy to understand. In Task 1 you will be presented with a situation and asked to write a letter requesting information or explaining the situation. You can write the letter in a personal, semi-formal or formal style.

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You can use a fairly personal style. Spend 20 minutes on Task 1, and 40 minutes on Task 2. You will need to manage your own time, so make sure you move on to Task 2 after 20 minutes.

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Application Features - Real time chat feature. Posted by: Vishaal Thursday, December 13, at Re teenage crime and violent video games: A We want to raise 'nice' teenagers, but also we do not want to stop them having fun. B How much violence does a video game need to have to be "violent" and a bad influence? C How would we police it? Via the parents? Via banning violence online? How would that work? D What about other influences, peer pressure, school, religion, family, financial circumstances, gangs?

Re: Shopping malls: A Is the sole aim for retailers or property developers to make money? Or for shopping to be more convenient? Is 'growth' our sole aim, or does the 'pursuit of happiness' matter too? B Money is one criterion, but the social consequences need considering too unemployment. C Property developers, financiers, town planners, small shop owners, elderly shoppers who need help to get to an out-of-town mall, Posted by: Da Nang Thursday, December 13, at Question: The growth in crime among teenagers can be attributed to an increase in the use of violent video games.

A We want to raise 'nice' teenagers, but also we do not want to stop them having fun. Is this for focusing on both sides of discussion? What is necessary to discuss the prevention of this occurrence? Am I right? A What are our overall aims, goals, and objectives in the situation under discussion? B What are the criteria to be used in evaluating ideas, or coming to a view? No one framework is going to work for every type of question: if it provokes some ideas then well and good. This part seems to have worked. Of course not all the ideas are necessarily usable.

In the end, we have to make sure we answer the exact question as asked. Da Nang Make complete sense! I am just curious to know how to use this framework and that's why seeking more details on this. I sometimes share you essays and ideas by copying from you website. But I mention you web site. Is it problem for you? Posted by: Rasul Thursday, December 27, at Looked at from the broader perspective, modernize era have arguably dependent on the highly computational system to ease our lives to optimize gigantic tasks.

Some people argue that measure like this prevails positively in our lives near future. Whilst, in accordance with the other assertion, it should not be too early to intellectualize computer intelligence beyond human intelligence. As far as I am concern, alarming should be considered that are being given to us in terms of harmful effects of this technology. Undeniably, the cutting-edge of our technology mounting for the ease of our lives by its incompatible performance and excellence capacity to finish heavy workload.

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It not only helps to reduce the work load but also prevents our time that had been wasting to complete heavy tasks that required more calculation and high accuracy. Consequently, prevented time could be utilized in other useful tasks. Moreover, highly intangible machines, nowadays, serves humans in different department such as health care, commercial and corporate etc. However, Life becomes much easier than it was before after being innovated of new development in technology.

By contrast, dark side of this cutting-edge technology may arguably deteriorate the world and the world peace. There is no doubt that AI machines have tendency to calculate the algorithm of complicated task within a second than men. Whilst, men needs time to think. However, If the computer would be performed highly cognitive task then it would arguably not only beat the human intelligence but also will have ability cause a hazardous situation for human. In Japan, for example, 29 scientist have been killed by the AI Robot according to the video that had been revealed by the journalist Linda Moulton on social networking site named twitter.

Thus, If scientists did not have a backup plan to control the highly innovative technology or work so they should not induced the elephantine cognitive self-recovering ability into the system, but with some limitations. In short, although, it is not possible to stop progress in AI technology which is no doubt helps human tremendously but limitations and precaution could be considered to prevent the hazardous and harmful effect of AI.


Posted by: sabi Saturday, December 29, at There are just two body paragraphs discussing both views, but how should we give our own opinions? Should we add one paragraph to give our own view because the subject require us to do so.

Posted by: Emma Sunday, January 06, at Posted by: jency Thursday, January 24, at Some people perceive the developments in artificial intelligence as technological advancement while other see this as threat to their livelihood as this could take away a lot of jobs in the near future. I am of the belief that, despite such developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence there will be some jobs which can never be performed by programmed robots.

Artificial intelligence is helping business do better through its ability to do tasks with greater precision and accuracy. Additionally its not only automated machine but the automated processes in call center or help desk is streamlined with technologies using Artificial intelligence. For instance, the most frequent queries are recorded and analyzed.

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The pattern of these queries is studied and with the help of chat bots the queries are answered precisely and to the point. This is one of such areas where business benefit by resource allocation , saving cost, and effort on redundant activities. Though companies are unsure of the how they can perform in the long term, they are slowly integrating to get a competitive edge. Others who do not welcome the growth of Artificial Intelligence are resilient over the technological advancement for several reasons.

First the fear of losing jobs in near future. Secondly, the need to become technology savvy.

Finally, the ambiguity of total reliance on machines which only sidelined to perform a tasks. Some task can only performed by human such as tutoring, caring for patients where a physical interaction can never be surpassed by artificially intelligent robots.

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  • In conclusion, artificial intelligence can help perform the mundane tasks with accuracy but can never humans in the workplace. Posted by: subha Saturday, January 26, at Hi, I am struggling to understand this structure in your essay: "while intelligent machines will no doubt improve our lives".

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    • Posted by: Shayan Sunday, February 24, at Many people sometimes have contrasting views about the future impact of artificial intelligence. While I agree that the impact of developments in the area of artificial intelligence will be positive, I believe that there might be many possible negative effects. Posted by: Masheera Thursday, March 14, at Posted by:. The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image.

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      Comments You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. Hi Simon I have exam 10 days later. Hi Simon. Hi Simon from introduction thesis statement your position is not clear, is it? GS "apprehensive" seems to foreshadow Simon's position.