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Throughout The Joy Luck Club Amy Tan inserts various conflicts betweens mothers and daughters. The first relationship exists between Waverly Jong and her mother, Lindo. The second bond is that of Jing-Mei Woo and her mother, Suyuan.
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Most of these relationships, already very fragile, become distanced through heritage, history and expectations. These differences cause reoccurring clashes between two specific mother-daughter bonds. The first relationship exists between Waverly Jong and her mother, Lindo. Lindo tries to instill Chinese qualities in her daughter while Waverly refuses to recognize her heritage and concentrates on American culture. The second bond is that of Jing-Mei Woo and her mother, Suyuan.

In the beginning of the book Jing-Mei speaks of confusion in her recently deceased mother's actions. The language and cultural barrier presented between Jing-Mei and Suyuan …show more content…. Waverly's bitterness increases the separation between mother and child. Jing-Mei doesn't believe her mother because her stories always change but she doesn't understand as Suyuan does that the details are unimportant.

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What's important in Chinese storytelling is the message. The endings always changed. Sometimes she said she used that worthless thousand-yuan not to buy a half-cup of rice" Another contributor to the conflicts in these relationships is history. Both Lindo and Suyuan had remarkably different childhoods without most the opportunities their daughters have. The circumstances in which they grew up were much different yea their children have a difficult time understanding that. You could open a restaurant. You could would for the government and get good retirement.

You could buy a house with almost no money down.

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You could become rich. You could become instantly famous.

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Jing-Mei's opportunities clearly in her mother's mind are much more then what she had as a child. Show More. Read More. Popular Essays.

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The Asian mothers had fled China in the "s to escape the political unrest and formed a social group called the Joy Luck Club upon meeting each other. The book focuses on Jing-mei "June" Woo who takes her mother"s place at the meetings after her death. As the women play Mah Jong, a Chinese game, and feast, they recall stories from their past and explain the differences between them and their daughters. It is through these stories that June comes to appreciate her Chinese heritage. One such story is that of Suyuan Woo, the founder of the Joy Luck Club, and her two twin daughters in china.

The weight of her possessions were so heavy that her hands started to bleed and she was overcome with pain and fever.

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She abandoned her things one by one until she only had her babies. She then tried to give the two girls to someone who would take care of them, but no one would accept. She had no choice but to leave them on the side of the road in hope that someone would find them. Suyuan put all of her jewelry and money with the babies as well as her family pictures and a note, and then she left.

Shortly after, she fainted and was found by American missionaries. Then Suyuan found that her husband had been killed, but soon met her future husband, Canning Woo.